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NPR Transcript

National Public Radio offers free transcriptions of most of its radio shows. The NPR Transcription plugin offers a simple shortcode syntax for inserting these transcriptions into WordPress pages and posts, either with theme based styling or custom styling.

The NPR-Transcript WordPress Plugin will not run without an API key from National Public Radio. Obtaining an API key is free when you register with NPR.

Use of NPR content is restricted by NPR’s Terms and Conditions. Please review these to ensure your usage is in compliance with NPR’s requirements. National Public Radio is quite generous and the WordPress community should respect their T&Cs.


If you find this plugin useful, please donate generously to your local National Public Radio station.


If there’s any love left over, buy me a cup of coffee to sip while I listen to Car Talk:



Place the shortcode

[npr-transcript story=storynum]

into any post or page. “storynum” can be found on the NPR website inside the URL for a particular story as shown in the diagram below where the “storynum” is 150002308.

Optional Parameters:

  • class = css class of the p tags in transcript text. If not specified, defaults to npr_para
  • lp_class = css class of the p tag in link back to the NPR story at the bottom of the transcript. NPR T&C asks that this link always be present and the plugin automatically inserts the link within a p tag. If not specified, the default class is npr_lp.
  • l_class = css class of the a> tag in link back to the NPR story at the bottom of the transcript. If not specified this class defaults to npr_l
  • link_phrase = text of the link back to the NPR story at the bottom of the transcript. If not specified this text defaults to Listen on NPR.ORG


An example using all the options might look like:

[npr-transcript story=150002308 class=myTranscriptClass lp_class=myLinkParaClass l_class=myLinkClass link_phrase=”Give it a listen…”]

Of course, you will need to define these classes (or the 3 default classes: npr_para, npr_lp, and npr_l in your theme’s CSS, or the transcript and link will appear in whatever styling your theme applies to p and a tags.

Sample HTML output:

The HTML that this plugin outputs looks something like this:

<p class=”npr_para”>KASELL: Kate, you had three correct answers, so I’ll be doing
the message on your voicemail or answering machine.</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>SAGAL: Well done.</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>(APPLAUSE)</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>BREEN: Thank you.</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>SAGAL: Kate, thank you so much for playing.</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>BREEN: All right, thank you.</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>SAGAL: Bye-bye.</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>BREEN: Bye.</p>
<p class=”npr_para”>(SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC) Transcript provided by NPR,
Copyright National Public Radio.</p>
<p class=”npr_lp”><a class=”npr_l” target=”_blank”
Listen on NPR.ORG</a></p>

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