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Wordpress Plugins

3D Pix

Adds the shortcode [3dpix] which embeds a 3D image from Phereo.com into your post. It also adds an insert 3D Pix button to the tinymce editor. Download 3D Pix from WordPress.org. 3D Pix shortcode syntax: [3dpix id=”4d37dbde378501ef25a80300″ width=”440″ height=”340″ mode=”anaglyph”] Where the parameters are: id – the Phereo.com image number…you can find this in the Phereo.com URL or Embed Code…

NPR Transcript

National Public Radio offers free transcriptions of most of its radio shows. The NPR Transcription plugin offers a simple shortcode syntax for inserting these transcriptions into WordPress pages and posts, either with theme based styling or custom styling. The NPR-Transcript WordPress Plugin will not run without an API key from National Public Radio. Obtaining an API key is free when…